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Daisy Solis-Smith

Daisy Solis-Smith
Born: Mar 16, 1963
Died: Feb 19, 2017

Daisy Bargo Solis Smith, 53, passed away Sunday, February 19, 2017 at Ft. Belknap.  She was born March 16, 1963 to Domingo Solis and Suzanna Bargo in the Phillipines.  Daisy’s grandfather Lolo Solis served as a U. S. Scout and Spy for the Philippines under General Santos and General MacArthur.  Daisy met her husband in Manila’s airport while waiting for her aunt to arrive from Saudi Arabia in 1985.  She and Ike moved to Seattle where they were married.  They lived there and raised their family.  Daisy worked for Winco Foods, Inc. for 13 years, becoming one of two top cashiers by averaging $15 to $18,000 per day for her employer.  She also sang professionally in Japan in Hiroshima and loved singing Kareoki.  Her favorite song was called “Dan Dan Soy” which she learned from her father Domingo after he sang it.  Both Daisy and her husband enjoyed treasure hunting together for Yamashita and Maro’s Gold Bullion.  She was one of 11 children:  Dimdo Solis, Delores “Nik Nik” Solis, Dominic Solis, Dinah Solis, Digna Solis, “Joe Joe” Solis, Dyan “Tracy” Solis, Jester Solis, Donna Solis and Shwellen “Mary Chris” Solis.  Her husband Isaac Steven Smith of Ft. Belknap survives her, as well as her four children:  Shelly Solis Smith, Isaac “Little Eagle” Solis Smith, Moss “Little Eagle” Solis Smith and Desiree Solis Smith.  Also surviving is her mother-in-law Caroline Yellow Robe of Ft. Belknap, Isaac Smith of Fort Totten, North Dakota, Horse Capture family, Shirley Pease, Phyllis Smith, Terry Smith, Hallie Gray, Wilbut Gray and Judy Gray as well as many aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews..  Daisy will be missed and loved for her famous singing and hospitality, and her home and work. 



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