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Kelsey Ann Cochran

Kelsey Ann Cochran
Born: Sep 05, 1995
Died: Jul 06, 2015

On Monday, July 6, 2015, Kelsey Ann Cochran was called home by the Creator to join her loved ones in the Spirit World. Wake services were held on Wednesday, July 8, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the Mission Rec Center in Hays. Funeral services were held on Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 11:00 at the Hays High School Gymnasium in Hays. Arrangements were made with Edwards Funeral Home of Chinook. 
Kelsey, a 19 year old proud member of the Gros Ventre Tribe of Fort Belknap, was born on September 5, 1995 to Kendra Hughes and Lawrence Cochran, Jr. Kelsey was a very strong and determined young lady who had a lot of love and a very forgiving heart. Kelsey brought a lot of joy and laughter to others with her great sense of humor. Kelsey’s family was very important to her so out of love for them, she set some goals to help make her life and theirs better. Through her perseverance, she accomplished many of the goals she had set forth. She graduated from high school and got her own home for her and her brothers. Kelsey was always concerned for her brothers – she wanted them to have a good life. When times got hard, Kelsey didn’t let that slow her down, she held her head high and became a highly motivated person with lots of ambition. Kelsey’s siblings say that she was the best big sister anyone could ask for. Her siblings and cousins have many special memories of their times with Kelsey as they were growing up – they could fight with her one minute and the next minute be back to being a loving family again – Kelsey had a very forgiving heart. She did special things for her siblings and cousins to make them happy like cooking them their favorite meals and always remembering them on their birthdays. Kelsey formed a very special bond with her nephew Layne Hughes. She referred to Layne as her own baby and Layne loved Kelsey very much. His special name for her was “Nanty” and they loved sharing their lives with each other.
When Kelsey became pregnant during her first year of college, she decided that the best thing to do would be to put college on hold and make her baby her priority. It was then that Kelsey got a job at the Island Mountain call center. It was very evident that Kelsey did a very good job as she was chosen for Employee of the month when she worked there.
The highlight of Kelsey’s life was on April 22, 2015 when she gave birth to her daughter Aniya Cochran. Kelsey loved her baby with all of her heart. She often referred to Aniya as being perfect and that she never knew how much love she could have for someone. Aniya was truly her Mother’s greatest blessing.    
Survivors include her daughter Aniya; Jakobi & Layne Hughes; Mother Kendra (Lionel Molina) Hughes; Father Lawrence (Roberta) Cochran, Jr. of Great Falls; John & Melvina Hughes (helped to raise Kelsey); Brothers Colby (Arlene) Hughes; Tyler Cochran; Gabe Cochran all of Hays; Sisters Amanda Hughes; Kayelynne Essert; Uncles John (Melvina) Hughes; Willie (Jenna) Hughes; Howard (Dez) Mount, Chris (D’Lynn) LaRoque; Wendell H. Haakanson; Steve (Marsha) Cochran; Jordan Mount; Russ Morsette; Aunt Julie Mount Lamebull; Grandparents Maynard and Wanda Crasco who raised her; JayWillie (Mary) Mount; Howard Mount, Sr.; Harlan (Mary) Mount; Wendell Mount;  Carla (Ray) King; Diana (John) Allen; Bonnie (Ben) Bentley; Brenda Essert; numerous nephews and nieces.
Kelsey is preceded in death by twin brother & sister; sister Linda; grandparents Lawrence Cochran, Sr.; Marilyn LaMere; JJ & Bernice Mount; Johnny Lee Mount; Clinton Mount; Anita Haakanson; Arlene Mount; Sister  Kathy Mount; Uncle JT Allen; Aunt Susie King; Shelly Essert and special friend Hunter Strait.

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Jul 14th
dianne mullins
So very sorry to read of the tragic accident and loss of your Kelsey.
We may wonder why this happened?
Jesus well knew the Bible statement:" Time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all" [Ecclesiastes 9:11]. He knew that
sometimes bad things just happen.
The wonderful future resurrection hope is the promise found at John 11:11-44
Revelation 21:3,4 states that death will be no more. and pain
will be no more, the former things will have passed away.
Our Creator, Jehovah God, by means of his son Jesus, is going to undo the tragedies that touch our lives today.
You can find much Bible-based comfort on jw.org


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