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Raymond Charles Hall

Raymond Charles Hall
Born: Oct 08, 1935
Died: Sep 25, 2015

Raymond Charles Hall, age 79, died of natural causes, September 25, 2015 at the Special Care Unit, Havre, Montana. Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 2:00 pm at the First Presbyterian Church in Havre. Arrangements have been made with Edwards Funeral Home of Chinook. He wrote his own obituary - some years back – it follows as he wrote it.
     I, Raymond Charles Hall, was born October 8 1935, the second son, the younger brother of James W., to George W. and Violet Mae (Paulson) Hall, at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Havre, Montana.
     I enjoyed my early life in Havre in a close knit family and had an abundance of friends. I graduated from Havre High School and attended Northern Montana College; I grew up in the Auto Parts business and developed a love and appreciation for cars. I eventually became an Inventory Control Manager in the Auto Parts Business and worked there until 1982. Throughout those years, I attend business meetings in Chicago, New York and California. During my formative years, I also had the opportunity to work on a farm that my Dad had an interest in.  During the summer I worked summer fallowing using an International Cat and a forty-two foot chisel plow.  Jack Caldwell was a partner with my Father in the Farm and before he retired I helped Jack do all of the farming.
     February 28, 1958, I joined the Army Reserve and six years to the day in 1963, I received an Honorable Discharge. In the meantime, I married Merilyn J. Schroeder, the love of my life, on June 12, 1960 in Chinook Montana. Together we traveled to New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Jamaica and Venezuela. Travelling overseas and throughout the United States I considered to be some of the most meaningful events in my life. 
     Together in the early 1960’s, Merilyn and I started the first local Antique Car Club, since I’ve always liked nice automobiles; and later on. I bought the Havre Ford Garage and was owner for several years, and then I sold it and bought an existing Parts Store. Upon my retiring, the Parts Store building and business was sold. 
     As you can see, my life has been full and wonderful as all through my life, I’ve endeavored to serve the Lord and appreciate the joy that He has brought into my life.
     Instead of flowers given in my memory, I’d prefer memorials go to the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, a donor’s choice, or better yet – ‘Pay it forward’!


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