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Pre-arrangements represent a funeral plan that has been made prior to the time of a death. More and more people are realizing the benefits of pre-arranging their funerals which may include:

  • Allows the deceased to express their particular wishes without any confusion or disagreement from family members;

  • Eliminates the requirement of loved ones to make a number of important decisions during a time of mourning;

  • Relieves your family of some if not all of the financial burden of a service;

  • Enables you to fix some of the cost of a funeral service at today's rate which may provide some protection against inflation

  • Your funeral plan is transferable in the event your family moves or has a change of plan and your arrangements are secure and legally protected by either a banking institution or the Montana Trust Fund.

Prearrangements can be funded or non-funded to varying levels depending on the family's preference. Non-funded prearrangements do not provide the financial security that funded arrangements do; however they can still be helpful in providing information for filing social security benefits, insurance and death certificates as well as providing details for the desired funeral or memorial service. If you would like more information or would like to schedule an appointment with a funeral director, please call us at 406-357-2529.

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